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About RaspberryPod in English

27/04/2015 22.27

RaspberryPod is coding in a bag

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The Raspberry Pi computer is small, accessible, cheap and open source. For these reasons around 5 million units have been sold all over the world.

 British Raspberrypi.org has spread and gathered enthusiasm among techies and communities are very active.

 Raspberry Pi is on a mission to let more children learn programming in school.

 However, for a teacher in a public school it is too cumbersome to find the right screens, cables, keyboards, mouses and download software and necessary codes to the SD-cards. It is doable, millions of raspberry pi users do it. Busy teachers need help.

 Therefore a Danish company has developed and designed RaspberryPod, the worlds first complete Raspberry Pi kit including:

Raspberry Pi B+

OS (Raspbian Wheezy) on micro-SD

HDMI screen

Keyboard/mouse – wireless


Assembly guide

A practical neoprene case to hold all equipment

and minor projects.


+ A dropbox-folder with excercises and tutorials


RaspberryPod recommends and supports other products Like LEGO WeDO, Monk Makes

Electronic kit, “Adventures in Raspberry Pi w. kit, Rapiro robot, BrickPi and more.

 RaspberryPod is partly manufactured in Hong Kong/China and assembled and sold in so far Denmark and Sweden. Sales partners and Support teams and instructors are set up in each country to assist schools in getting started with Raspberry Pi.

 RaspberryPod is able to scale manufacturing and set up sales partners in all other countries.


Contact CEO Karin Hoegh, Podconsult VAT DK29361479, mob. +4521276092

karin@podconsult.dk www.raspberrypod.dk

Download PDF in English


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